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Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga Poses for Back pain.

Back pain is one of the many reasons people think of starting yoga practices

Think of a morning when you wake up, and your back does not pain even a little. It’s like a dream, right. Back pain is now like a plague so that everyone, no matter what age or gender, is suffering from it.

One of the best remedies for your back pain is practicing yoga. You might not believe it, but there are several types of yoga for getting rid of your back pain. It helps by releasing your back’s tight muscles and lessens your pain, thereby making you healthy and happy.

It has already been proved that yoga benefits the human body in various ways. It plays a vital role in our health, both physically and mentally, releases stress, and boosts our concentration level.

Yoga for back pain does not cause any harm and is like a regular capsule that you can take without any second thought. Yoga is like a mind and body therapy, popularly known for its several poses and postures, It is one of the prime medicines for your everlasting back pain.

When appropriately done helps in releasing your muscles and makes your body strong. When you practice yoga daily, it helps your mind to know your body. This concentration power helps your mind to keep a better track of your body pains, where you have imbalances, and where your body is holding tension.

Yoga for your back pain is an unavoidable exercise!

The ancient practice of yoga is one of the best exercises to relieve your physical pain and for pain awareness and your mental health. The use of several postures integrates several muscles, which again strengthens the group of muscles.

Most of the yoga postures for back pain assist in strengthening the muscles of our back, helping the spinal cord to remain in an upright position without giving much stress.

A healthy spine and a life free from pain are like a dream for all. So, have a look various kinds of helpful yoga poses for your back pain that makes your life easy:


  • Extended triangle pose: 

Triangle pose for back pain

Explore your body flexibility as it has some vivacious miracles present inside. Here you have to stretch both of your hands and one leg aside. Then touch your extended feet, thereby forming a triangle pose. This yoga pose assists you in extending your leg, muscles, and spine, thereby lessening pain in those concentrated areas. In addition to your pain, you can also release your stress and anxiety.

  • Downward facing dog pose
Downward facing dog pose for back pain

It might sound very hazy, but it works remarkably. This posture is close to your push-up posture. Here you will not have to lie down entirely. But you have to keep your knees under your hips and your hands under the wrist. Now you will press yourself back with your hands and then raise your knees. Repeat this pose several times till you start sweating. This helps in making your muscles very strong.

  • Cat and cow position 
Cat Cow Pose for back pain

According to the pose’s name, you have to practice a pose of cow and cat. Here you have to move your neck and your body outwards and inwards, thereby stretching your back muscles that are tensed. This is a posture that is a combination of ease of doing and efficiency.

  • Locust pose
Locust Pose for back pain

This yoga is specifically for relieving back pain. Here you have to lift your torso and your legs gently off from the mat, and in each inhalation, press your belly towards the floor. This assists you in relieving the developed tension very quickly.

  • Twisting Cobra pose
Twisting cobra pose for back pain

This you can do after the locust pose activated your lower back muscles. In this baby cobra pose, you have to rotate your torso with the help of your arms and your shoulders. Try it gently using your back muscles. Keep your shoulders at a bit of distance from your ears so that you ‍avoid generating any new tension in your upper back.

  • Seated Forward Bend
Seated forward bend pose for back pain

It is done by sitting down in a pose, keeping your legs straight. It is best for releasing your back pain. Bend forward starting from your hips, and then try to touch to feet in a straight position. You might find it difficult hazardous initially, but with practice, you will gain mastery over it. This asana helps in relieving your neck pain as well as your back pain.

So, these are some best kinds of yoga poses for relieving your back pain. Listen to your body and accordingly perform yoga. Make yoga a regular practice because consistent rest can make your body rust and affect the health of your muscles.

When the matter is about your back pain, prevention is essential for long and painless life. Do not force yourself to do any posture that can cause injury. If you suffer from extreme pain, then go for medical help.

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