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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most ancient practices for harnessing the unlimited power sources of the body and channelizing them in constructive direction. This course offers you an understanding of Kundalini, its positioning inside the body, its effects, its powers, the causes of diseases. We offer thorough guidance to identify and control the power of Kundalini with its potential. Here are some of the great benefits of practising Kundalini yoga.

Benefits Of Kundalini Yoga

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The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the creative instinct. The breathing technique in Kundalini yoga improves the stimuli of the right hemisphere.

Warmness and openness for others

Yoga improves your mental arena and gives a broader perspective where you see people with equality and serves everyone with compassion and love.

Alleviate unnecessary thoughts

Yoga gives you a positive outlook and flushes the negative thoughts in you.

Improve Self-esteem

For teens and young adults, body image and self-esteem are frequentlyextremely difficult issues. The good news is that a number of recent research havedemonstrated benefits of yoga for raising self-esteem.

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