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A skilful Yoga master and adept Yoga teaching professional based in India, Yogi Vishnu is ready to inspire ‘the land of the Gods’ with Yogic wisdom! He and his team have been practicing and teaching Yoga since several years. Yogi Vishnu is a well-established name in the Yoga Teacher Training field. 

Bali is a lush green island in the heart of Indonesia, sprinkled generously with a Zen-like energy. No wonder this island-country is a favourable destination of Yogis and Yoga addicts from various corners of the globe! 

We, at Bali Yoga Retreats aim to connect students to a deep, spiritual experience that can change one’s life forever. Our yoga teacher training program will teach not just the knowhow of Yoga postures but transcend into something deeper. We focus on smaller, intimate class settings with personalized attention to every participant. 

Our experienced team attempt to establish an open learning environment. Transcending beyond traditional Yoga training sessions, our unique classroom ambiance strives to form a special spiritual bond between the students, teachers and the team. Our trainers are well-equipped with exceptional skills and knowledge. In short, we leave no stone unturned in offering you an effective and interactive Yoga teacher training program. 

The primary goal of Bali Yoga Retreats is to cultivate a sweet and safe yoga teacher training program that will be a firm launch-pad to an extraordinary career in Yoga! Furthermore, it would also double up as a smart stepping stone for personal growth and spiritual advancement. Our training provides an in-depth exploration of physical and psychological aspects of students. Alongside Yogic education, we help create a powerful bond between the body, mind and your divine soul – leading to a wholesome nutrition for the Self.

Your Yoga Teacher Training And Spiritual Progress

Are You Looking For a Yoga Teacher Training That Change Your Life ? Then Join Us !!! Authentic Indian Traditional and Transformational Yoga Courses

16 Types of Yoga Courses

Our extensive varieties of yoga teacher training courses will motivate and inspire you to learn more and explore.

12 Wellness Retreats

These Retreats will offer an opportunity to relax and look beyond your body. Cleansing your mind and soul.

45 Workshops

The workshops allow you to feel your divine energy and love your life as it is. A preparation for a better tomorrow.

35 Years of Experience

We are ready to serve you and share our life long experience with you. Join us in this journey of eternal peace!


Real Mission of Life

Human life is a gift and it is said that your Karma builds the life. The human being is the most evolved and intellectual specie in the universe Being the most developed we human beings are comparatively more stressed because of our greed for more. Why there is such suffering when we are so evolved? We are the creators of our sources of happiness from playing games to making money to enjoying the ultimate satisfaction of sex. We have it all. But why aren’t we still happy?

We become dependent on the things we create. We invent medicine, movies, money, power and we are dependent on it all. It seems that our own creation is the reason for our bondage. Human beings are the creative minds but it seems their creativity has become the reason of bondage and ego. We have made our lives so complex that we are unable to recognize the truth.

yoga school in Bali Wellness

Here we want you to believe is us with all your love. So that together we can start your journey of healing and rejuvenating. The yoga has no relation with any religion. It is a path of self-discovery which require no background of any religion. It is an open path with no baggage. With us you will explore the real you which is like a child -- charming and divine. Once you find yourself, you start loving yourself because you find the whole universe inside you. And then nothing will exist, it is you and just you. The unification is achieved by the practice of Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta and Ayurveda. 

Our purpose is to introduce you to the world of Yogic Kriya to make you able to experience the divinity you hold. We invite you to your heavenly home – Bali. Join our happy family for a happy tomorrow.

Our Family

Family To Help You Retreat, Rejuvenate and Recover.


Yogi Vinshu Panigraphi

Kundalini Yoga

Maa Haripriya

Hatha Yoga

Ashutosh Mishra

Hatha, Ashtanga & Teaching Methodology

Yogi Rohit Rawat Ji

Asana & Meditation

Yogi Yansa Ji

Philosophy & Pranayama Teacher

Yogi Azmi


Yogi Maitreya

Ashtanga Yoga

Yogi Reiza

Hatha Ashtanga Alignment

Yogi Ankit

Mantra Chanting Workshop in Bali

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