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School In Odisha

Our Ashram and Yoga Schools sponsor a children’s school in Odisha where our donations are used for supplies such as school materials, uniforms and food for the children. We are very proud of the contribution we are able to make in the lives of these children and we are so grateful for all the help with these contributions. The positive impact that our donations have on these young lives brings about opportunities that the children may not have had without our donations. We believe in providing these children with a positive and happy environment in which they can learn and study to become successful in life. Anyone wishing to sponsor a child in our school is most welcome as your monthly donation will go a long way in improving a young child’s life.

We have 700 Children in the school and many of them come from very poor families. Some are also orphans and we are especially happy to help them by providing a safe and homely environment for them to feel loved and appreciated. For now we have availability for 60 students to stay full time and the rest of the children come from their home by bus.

Old Age Home

We also sponsor an old age home where the elderly are taken care of with shelter, food, clothing and a warm and safe place to stay. Everything that we are able to contribute helps in providing a comfortable life for the elderly who are at the last stage of their life. This is an important role that we play in this community as there is no one else to care for them. Monthly sponsorship for an elderly person is most welcome and accepted.

yoga school in Bali Wellness
yoga school in Bali Wellness

Recycle Projects

At our Ashram and Yoga Schools we have started a recycling project whereby we accept donations of clothing items (clean and in good condition), shoes, toiletries (unused shampoo’s or soaps) or anything that a traveler no longer needs. These items are put in our Charity shop and then given to the needy in the Rishikesh community. The items are also sold and proceeds are used for things such as blankets, socks and warm items for the Sadhu’s in winter. Donations of items or money for this purpose can be made at the Ashram or Kundalini Yoga Studio where the charity shop is located.

Food Offering Project

Every day we offer a warm cup of Chai tea to anyone in need as well as a free meal once a week at the Ashram. We believe charity begins at home and our Ashram is a home and family for all.

yoga school in Bali Wellness
yoga school in Bali Wellness

Rishikesh & Ganga Clean Up

Students from our Yoga Schools and volunteers participate in our Karma Yoga program where we come together every Sunday to clean up different areas in Rishikesh. We are mostly focused on the water ways, small streams, that are polluted and that flow into our Mother Ganga river. We wish to maintain a clean environment and especially to eliminate plastic pollution that goes into our Holy river and destroys our waters and the beauty of our small city, Rishikesh. We feel that whenever we come together on clean up projects like this it inspires others to have more awareness about being clean, not being wasteful and not polluting. We hope to continue with these weekly clean ups to encourage all residents, visitors and students to participate and feel the joy that comes from doing community work. When we give of ourselves, from the heart, the positive vibration of this action is felt not only in the immediate area but throughout the Universe. Mother Nature appreciates all the effort we make to keep her pristine and clean.

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