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Ashtanga Yoga

The intent of this course is to provide a very practical, yet thorough overview of the systematic process of traditional Ashtanga Yoga. Our approach is essentially three-fold: First, the most essential foundation principles are introduced and explained. Second, the eight rungs (ashtanga) are each explained. Third, explanations are given on what to do with the eight rungs in conjunction with those foundation principles.The benefits of Ashtanga Yoga are such.

Benefits Of Ashtanga Yoga

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Increase muscle strength

Most of the asanas in Ashtanga Yoga are based on balancing your body weight on one hand or one leg. These postures strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility.

Cardiovascular fitness

The constant vinyasa in between each postures leads to a lot of sweating. It not only builds strength but helps in building cardiovascular fitness.

Weight loss

Sweating and cardio workout leads to losing body fat. It works wonders in eliminating fats on arms and stomach.

Improve Self-esteem

For teens and young adults, body image and self-esteem are frequently extremely difficult issues. The good news is that a number of recent research have demonstrated benefits of yoga for raising self-esteem.

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