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Hatha Yoga

The Hatha yoga workshop offers a comprehensive set of postures that can be done by anyone with and without any previous experience of yoga.

The word Hatha has been derived from Sanskrit and it literally means “to force upon.” However, it can not be taken in its literal sense, it is rather a yogic Kriya to remain dedicated and focused for meditation. This yogic technique is based on aligning the body with mind by way of body postures and breathing exercises. The ultimate goal is to break away the barrier of the body in attaining the lively high dimensional soulful energy.

Hatha yoga is formed to calm and arrange in line the body, mind and soul for a soothing meditation. The Hatha Yoga has been described in Dattatreya Yoga Sastra in two forms, one practised by the Rishi Yajnavavalkya consisting of eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga (eight postures of Yoga) and another performed by Rishi Kapila as eight body Mudras. You can enjoy cultivating a healthier and happier lifestyle. Here are some of the exorbitant benefits of performing Hatha Yoga.

Benefits Of Hatha Yoga

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Improves Bone Density

Many of us face low bone density due to inappropriate and artificial diets which lead to weak and fragile bones prone to fractures and tearing. Hatha Yoga works as great treatment for improving bone density with postures like warrior pose, and tree pose which has been scientifically proven very effective.

Enhances Respiratory functions

The deep breathing in a Hatha Yoga is very helpful for controlling blood pressure and lung functioning. Lion’s pose, Mountain pose, long deep breathing are some of the best Hatha Yogic Kriya for a healthy respiratory system.

Leads to beautiful glowing Skin

The meditation Kriya helps to release stress which leads to premature agreeing and wrinkles. It also improves the blow flow for healthy blissful skin. It flushed out the toxins which prevents pimples and acne.

Improve Self-esteem

For teens and young adults, body image and self-esteem are frequently extremely difficult issues. The good news is that a number of recent research have demonstrated benefits of yoga for raising self-esteem.

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