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Benefits and Types of Meditation 

A women practicing meditation

Meditation is a practice, in which the incumbent tries to focus on the self, or a focal point in front of them. It is about alienating oneself from the day-to-day affairs and concentrating on the self. If you thought that it helps to build awareness, then you are wrong. You can observe the thoughts that pass through your mind, in a more passive manner. You might argue, that you are unable to concentrate on one task for a long time, leave alone meditate. 

Well! It is a skill, that you can master over a period of time. You can learn this skill under the guidance of learned teachers at the yoga school in Bali. You will get better with practice. If you think, that your mind will stay in one place all the time, you were never so wrong. It cannot be that way. Give your mind some freedom to move away. You should know another fact here, in this context. Yoga is also a type of meditation. In this type of meditation, you use the physical body to accomplish one pose, align the breath with it, and finally align them with your consciousness. 

Benefits of Meditation

Sages have indulged in meditation since time immemorial to attain enlightenment. However, in the modern context, meditation alleviates stress and reduces anxiety. It has the power to calm the mind. You should read about the various benefits of meditation here.

  • It helps in controlling your mental health. 
  • It can control aging. 
  • It helps you to overcome depression. 
  • It also improves relationships. 
  • It also provides a lot of energy to perform daily tasks. 
  • It can help you to connect with your higher consciousness. 
  • It can also heal physical pain. 

On a physical plane, meditation can help control blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, insomnia, and strengthens the body’s immune system. The yoga school in Bali helps you with the entire guided meditation process. So, you should definitely enroll in a course there.

Types of Meditation 

You will come across numerous forms of meditation in the course of learning various holistic techniques. Let us find out the most popular ones today. 

01.Yoga Nidra

It is a combination of sleep and meditation. Sleep is said to rejuvenate the mind and the body. The meditative aspect adds more potency to the process. It is a modality that helps to utilize the energy from sleep, to strengthen the entire bodily system. You can practice yoga Nidra after your asana practice. Moreover, you should practice it before pranayama. You can also practice it individually.

02. Mantra Meditation

practing mantra meditation

According to the Hindu scriptures, this kind of meditation assumes a lot of importance. You must repeat the syllables again and again, to focus your mind. However, you should not confuse it with affirmations. The correct pronunciation and usage are extremely important for mantra mediation to work properly. It is something, that all religions practice. Om meditation is one of the most prominent mantras in our society. You should practice it while sitting straight, with your spine straight. Keep your eyes closed while practicing Om meditation. Moreover, you have the liberty to either practice the chanting aloud or under your breath.

03.Chakra Meditation

You should be aware that there are seven chakras inside our bodies. The main chakra is the root chakra, which resides at the bottom of the spine. The crown chakra is located at the tip of the head. Chakras are important seats of energy, which process and disperse energy required for good health. It also aids in increasing vitality and general well-being. When your chakras are open, the universal energy passes through the body with ease. When your chakras are blocked, internal energy tends to build up within the body and creates blockages. It can throw your entire existence of balance.

04.Kundalini Meditation

It is another very complex meditation which is best practiced under a teacher or guru. Everyone has a dormant serpent at the base of the spine. Some people spend their entire lives, without activation of the dormant energy. However, if you want to experience power and bliss in this lifetime, you should practice Kundalini meditation to activate and awaken the serpent. The dormant energy which lies at the base of the spine is called Kundalini energy. If you are not trained, this can destroy you as well. Therefore, you can learn it at a yoga school in Bali.

05.Mindfulness meditation

It’s a popular form of meditation that originated in the Buddhist tradition. In the Western world, it is a very popular shape. It’s all about awareness and attentiveness. It entails embracing your current situation. You are supposed to be seated in a meditative posture and observe your thoughts. You are not supposed to judge, control, or manipulate your thoughts. Allow them to flow. 

No matter which form, you choose, you should always practice it at a given time, to align with the energies of that time. It is transformative in every aspect. Genuine guided meditation will help you to discover your inner strength and perform well in the outside world. If you are a beginner, you should practice meditation under a learned teacher.

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